Reise is a sci-fi/mystery/action story about a megastructure called the Hexagon, its mystery and the people who live there. It's set in a very far future, probably centuries from now.

Reads the european way, left->right. English is not my mothertongue.

For more information,art,cast bios and new pages please check the official site :

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innevata, 01 Nov 2011
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- @Category3: thanks for the feedback! i have some info about the characters on my main site, but tbh i've got no time to port everything over here -_- i hope i've been able to reveal the story as the pages roll (:

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innevata, 04 Nov 2011
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- @FireBorg: thank you! (:

@Samoyedo: glad you liked it (:


null (Guest),31 Oct 2011
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- Great art, and intriguing story!!!

Category3,31 Oct 2011
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- Very impressive art in this story. Love the backgrounds and ink rendering. The story is intriguing, but it might help if more was revealed about who the characters are and their goals soon - or it will become too puzzling. Keep it up - I am looking forward to more pages ^__^

innevata,01 Nov 2011
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- @null: thanks!

Samoyedo,02 Nov 2011
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- Wicked! Got me hooked on the story, great art, fantastic setting.

FireBorg,02 Nov 2011
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- Love the art style and the story seems intriguing!

Great work!

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